Hey there!

I'm Maxine Dang đź‘‹

I’m a Product Designer based in Vancouver, Canada who aspires to empower users through accessible and intuitive designs.

As a curious lifelong learner, I'm excited to explore new UX problem spaces (especially in Web3, AR/VR and fintech) through design thinking and collaborations. During my design processes, I get the most *joy* from prototyping a new digital product and seeing it come to life.
When I'm not gathering data from user research or prototyping, you can find me reading self-help books on the beach or planning my next travel itinerary.

I'm open to remote work and relocations :D

My Career so far

My past experience in Digital Marketing and Customer Service has given me unique perspectives when it comes to user research and user empathy. By looking at problem spaces from the users’ perspective, I aim to design human-centred solutions based on users’ motivations and pain points.

Social Media
UX Design
You can find my resume here.

Curious about working with me?
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