TIES Website

In this project, I collaborated with a team of UX Designers to redesign the website for an NGO, Technology in Education Society (TIES),  in order to improve the usability & aesthetic design of the site, with special attention being paid to the donation process. This case study showcases the redesign process of our team and my contributions as a UX/UI Designer and Project Manager.

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Project Type
Design Sprint
5 days
UX/UI Designer
Project Manager
Design Sprint Process

Due to the fast-paced nature of Design Sprints, our team aimed to tackle this challenge with a systematic approach and efficient time management. I was elected the Project Manager for this challenge and the first priority was allowing the team members to get to know each other, learn about each other's strengths and weaknesses in the design process so that we could delegate tasks effectively. We decided to break the project down into smaller deliverables and set deadlines for each deliverable so that all the team members can stay engaged and accountable. I was mainly in charge of the UI Design and stakeholder's presentation for this challenge.

The Context: About TIES' current website
TIES is an NGO that donates innovative technology and offers scholarships. Their projects run in developing countries, where the donations made will have the most impact.

Even though TIES has great philanthropic values, their website has not been designed to best convey the organization's positive social impacts.

Thus, by improving the design and usability of the website, TIES will be able to gain more credibility and engagement which can lead to more donations.
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The Problem

Our team did a Heuristic Evaluation of the website to better understand the site's current information architecture, task flow and the current users' pain points and frustrations. After initial research, these are the currently issues facing TIES' websites:

Sprint Goal

Optimize TIES website’s design and usability by improving the information architecture and brand storytelling, so that the users can find information about TIES' values and social impacts faster and experience a smoother donation process.

Interview Insights
View full interview script here
Key Themes from User Interview
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Task Flow: Donate to TIES
UI Inspirations

We drew inspiration from existing NGOs, picking out features we thought would be the most suitable for the task flow.

Solution Sketches

We started exploring various layouts for our website redesign based on our. After each team member created their own exploratory sketches and presented it to the rest of the team, we voted on the best features and layouts from each sketch and combined them to create these solution sketches that highlight the task flow.

Low Fidelity Wireframes
Design Prioritization Matrix

Our team created a Design Prioritization Matrix from user testing insights to identify the high impact iterations that can be made to our prototype to best address current usability issues. Based on the user testing findings and prioritization matrix, the biggest pain point to our users where on the project and donation screen.

View full Initial HI-Fi prototype here
Design Iteration
View full Revised prototype here
Why our solution?
Key Learnings & Next Steps

Overall, this Design Sprint has been an amazing collaborative UX Design experience. The project allowed me to take on the leadership role in a design team with diverse skillsets & personalities, establish brand's styleguide & design system, and prioritize high-impact design iterations to improve usability.

As for what’s next
, I intend to conduct user interviews & A/B testing with the high fidelity prototype to improve on the aesthetic design and usability.